Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home from Sue's

Well, we're back from Sue's weekend in Richmond. Seems like we wait and wait and then it's here and gone before we realize it! I roomed with my buddies Linda and Brenda. We had a blast, as we always do together! We snuck a preview of the LNS.. shh, don't tell! We went on the way to the hotel, okay well it wasn't really on the way.. basically we wanted first dibs! Which we got!:) The whole group went on Sunday and we (the three of us) plus our new friend Nelsa stayed back and cross-stitched for a long time in the quiet! Nelsa is a hoot, and we loved meeting her! She's from the Baltimore area, and we hope we get to visit her sometime in the near future!

Usually on these trips I get a TON done..but a tiny, itty, little basket about did me in! Yup, it took at least three hours to get it right. I will say the directions were horrible on the chart! I'm not even sure the final thing is right, but we all decided it was good enough! After that there was an issue of the door..that took another hour or so! Ugh!

I got to show off all my finished smalls and got lots of pats on the back, which is always really nice! I have some pictures of finished stuff to post, I just need to get caught up at home!

I have an all day appointment tomorrow and then field days for my kids at school Thurs and Fri. Life will slow down in August!:)



Cyndi said...

Sara-I just joined F&S and saw that you're from F-V! My sister-in-law lives there (my brother died 2 years ago) on South Buttress. Their daughter Sam graduated from F-VHS.

saras said...

Really?! Is she a stitcher?! :) I'm not sure where S Buttress is, I'll have to google it and find out!