Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red Springs, NC

I'm sharing space with over 200 teenagers. The building where we are almost always together, is an old Sara Lee plant. (didn't they make cookies?) It basically a big square building with rooms built in the one area. They have a warehouse full of any type of tool you'd ever need. A huge kitchen, big eating space and a worship center. But except for the rooms and warehouse, it is all one continuous room. And let me tell you, the noise level is incredible!!

Last night around supper, after every single camper was of our college workers and I stood and listened in amazement to the loud humm of noise!

We have 18 different teams doing all types of things! Red Springs has a huge population of Lumbee American Indians, second in population is African American and 3rd is Anglo. We are working at three boys and girls clubs in nearby towns and it is awesome. Today, one of the clubs is going to do an old fashioned Friendship Powow Dance, in full costume! It'll be awesome! As usual, we're doing a few Bible clubs. We've got seven different construction teams out and we have three teams that are going to Senior Centers to sing and visit with the residents there. Hopefully we are making a Deep Impact around Red Springs!

Red Springs is also home to MILLIONS of fire ants, and I think this building was built right on top of all of them. Poor DH got into a mess of ants! they were in the trailor drawers!! nasty little boogers! Got rid of them, finally and woke up the next morning to a camper who had a bed full of them! So I got rid of all of them for her... so far, so good today! :)

Thanks for following along with us this summer. We head to Greensboro, NC on Saturday. We'll have 350 youth there!!!

p.s. I have taught three people how to stitch so far this summer! :) The first one I taught is on her 3rd project already! So I haven't completely abandoned the art! But all my stitching time (which isn't much) has been spent helping them! Ah well..


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a fun time! Watch out for those fire ants - they sure can be nasty! Kudos for teaching others to stitch!

Lisa said...

Wow, thank you Sara for the update. I am enjoying them and following your & your family through your summer of "good deeds". Not only are you making a difference in the town, but also passing on the art of the needle!
Take care!

Cindy F. said...

Fire ants are nasty little critters! We have them here too!
Your summer is crazy good! Greensboro? I lived there for a while...grew up in High Point, which is right next door!
That's so nice you've taught 3 people to stitch! We want to keep this talent going:)