Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Way too much to do!!

I've got way to much to do! I need to pack for three people (yes, dh packs on his own!) for four weeks. We'll have access to laundry OCCASSIONALLY! We need work clothes/paint clothes/swim clothes/nice clothes/every day clothes! :) At least the house is clean enough for me to leave it! Usually I'm doing a massive clean up before we leave! Once all the toys get picked up, it'll be fine!

I just typed a whole bunch of stuff and then deleted it! I think I need to keep this blog about stitching! I just haven't had that much time to stitch! LOL I'll be gone four weeks, hopefully I"ll get on line sometime during that time! Don't forget about my poor little blog while I'm gone! :)

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becca said...

wow! Thats a lot of stuff to pack. And this is your blog, I think you should write what ever you would like, stitching or not. I enjoying reading non stitching things too.